What's the Trek for Teens Foundation?


Our Mission

The Trek for Teens Foundation is a charity created to raise funds and awareness for homeless youth in local communities. Initiated in 2007 with leadership and guidance from the Rotary Club of Etobicoke, the Trek for Teens Foundation has been a repeated success, raising over $175,000 in funds and in-kind donations for local shelters through the efforts of volunteers and participants.

The foundation is run by youth and has engaged thousands of young people from across Canada.


Our mission is to increase awareness and raise funds for homeless youth in our local communities. It is our intent to provide a means for everyone to enjoy making a difference through their own talents and skills.


How We Began

In 2007, a team of high school students from the Toronto area met at the Camp Enterprise program, run by the Rotary Club of Etobicoke. As part of the program, the students were asked to select a charity and create a plan for a fundraising event.

The Trek for Teens idea was chosen, and the team worked under the mentorship of the Rotary Club for the first year.

The Trek for Teens Foundation has been successful and independently run mainly by students ever since.


Throughout the year, the Trek for Teens Foundation organizes various events designed to draw on the unique talents and skills of individuals. One of the largest events is the Trek for Teens Race in Toronto. The Race takes place every May, challenging teams of youth ages 13 – 19 solve problems and find hidden clues while working together to complete the course (much like the “Amazing Race”). Other Trek for Teens opportunities include:

  • Community events

  • Conferences

  • Concerts

  • Dance events

  • Fashion Shows and fashion events

  • Film festivals

  • Outreach events

Make sure you check out our Events calendar to see what’s on the horizon!

What Events?


We encourage all youth to become involved in the foundation. It’s a fun way to fulfill your community service obligations for school, or just to get involved in your community. All funds generated by the Trek for Teens Foundation go to homelessness initiatives and charities working to help kids get off the street and find stability in their lives.

For more information about getting opportunities within Trek for Teens, head to our Get Involved page.

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