Ways to Volunteer

Reach out to Trek for Teens in your Region to volunteer at events in your community!

Look for events that interest you from our events page and help out where and when you can! 

Join our Volunteer Team and receive exclusive opportunities and training in your Region!

Volunteer Expectations

The Trek for Teens Foundation expects its volunteers to exemplify the following leadership qualities:

We expect our volunteers to be Collaborative Contributors. The volunteers should be able to work well and efficiently with others, while promoting the core principles that the Trek for Teens Foundation strives to achieve.

We expect our volunteers to be Dedicated Individuals. A dedicated individual is someone who is committed to the task at hand, and always approaches each challenge with a positive attitude.

We expect our volunteers to be Effective Communicators. Volunteers must be able to properly converse with others in a polite and informative manner, while conveying the vision and ideals of the Trek for Teens Foundation.

We expect our volunteers to be Enthusiastic People. Our volunteers should be prepared to be positive, exuberant and energetic at any given moment. It is the responsibility of each volunteer to help create an encouraging and constructive environment; Together Everyone Achieves More.

We expect our volunteers to be Respectful Individuals. Each volunteer is expected to treat others in a kind and compassionate manner. They should equally respect all people regardless of their culture, beliefs or ethnicity.

We expect our volunteers to be Responsible Citizens. A responsible citizen is not only respectful of laws and regulations but also responsible for providing an appropriate example for others to follow as to how they should conduct themselves. Volunteers should be accountable for their actions and words, while properly exhibiting professional mannerisms.

We expect our volunteers to be Sociable People. Volunteers should be outgoing and confident; engaging people in a friendly and polite manner. They should be able to carry on conversations relevant to the Trek for Teens Foundation, while maintaining a pleasant and energetic attitude.