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November Coffee House Recap

On Saturday, November 15th, performers took to the stage at the Trek for Teens Coffee House to entertain and help raise funds for homeless youth in Toronto. The night, held in Brennan Lounge at 81 St. Mary Street, raised over $150 and all proceeds will go towards the organizations that Trek for Teens supports: Covenant House Toronto, Horizons for Youth, and Youth Without Shelter. Trek for Teens would like to thank everyone who attended the event, cheered on the entertainers, and created a warm environment for the night. In addition, Trek for Teens would like to thank and congratulate each performer for bringing their talented acts to the stage. Joel Louzado, Joseph Ianni, Madeline Dawson, Sheila Mulrooney, Nicole Bazzocchi, and Alex Wichert all demonstrated their artistic flairs to produce some memorable and stirring pieces. A special thank you, as well, goes out to Mishda for being an impromptu performer and adding to an already impressive cast. Trek for Teens would also like to recognize Nick Alberelli’s excellent work as photographer and videographer.

Trek for Teens believes in promoting and cultivating local talent and, by performing at the show, all singers received a gift: A free hour of rehearsing time at Rehearsal Factory. Trek for Teens would like to thank both sponsors for the event: Rehearsal Factory for the rehearsing time and Starbucks for having supplied free hot chocolate to the event.

The night was organized and hosted by David Carcasole, the foundation’s Director of Concerts. David performed a duet and a solo act while also recruiting all performers for the night. Trek for Teens would like to thank him for his excellent work. If you are a performer or are in a band, Trek for Teens encourages you to contact David at to sign up for a show in January, February, or March.

To view pictures from the event, head to our Facebook here.


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