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The Issue

35,000-40,000 youth (ages 13-24) experience homelessness per year in Canada. The issue of youth homelessness is often stigmatized in common thought and conversation due to general misconceptions. While it is acknowledged, its scope and causes can be misrepresented. Many youth are ostracized from their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Those suffering from mental illness can be exiled from their homes and are forced to fend for themselves.

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Who Are We?

We are a charity run by youth across the country, created to raise funds and awareness for homeless youth in Canada. In 2007, a team of high school students from the Toronto area were asked to create a plan for a charity at the Camp Enterprise program run by the Rotary Club of Etobicoke. The idea of Trek for Teens was chosen and the team worked under the mentorship of the Rotary Club for the first year.


Since then, Trek for Teens has expanded to several regions and raised over $250 000 in funds and in-kind donations for local shelters. Our vision is for at-risk and homeless youth across Canada to be healthy, happy, safe, and successful.

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Our mission is to increase awareness, support, and access to services for at-risk and homeless youth in our local communities. We empower everyone to use their passions, talents, and skills to enjoy making a difference.

Our Approach

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everyone on the issue of youth homelessness, as well as resources and services

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at-risk and homeless youth to resources and services, as well as foster connections between key stakeholders

Partner shelters - website (7).png

the creation, maintenance, and improvement of services and supports for at-risk and homeless youth

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everyone to use their passions, talents, and skills to take action and lead change in their communities to support homeless youth



We have raised over $250,000 in monetary and in-kind donations

Hosted over 35 events across Canada over 2020-2021

Started regions in
7 cities across Canada


Created Canada's only comprehensive
shelter map

Interested in sponsoring us?

Your support, whether through monetary or in-kind donations, can greatly benefit the success of our team and the impact we can make. We are
committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with all our sponsors, including yourselves.

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