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What is it?

The aim of the Trek for Teens Corporate Partnership Program is to foster relationships with corporate partners within our regions in a joint effort to fundraise for youth homelessness. This program provides guidance for you to run independent events or charity giving initiatives within your company to fundraise for our charity, while boosting team spirit and morale within your employees. Running company charity events helps to cultivate a strong organizational culture of humility and generosity while also giving back to the community and supporting a good cause.


The Corporate Partnership Program provides a catalogue of events that details step-by-step guidance on how to set-up and run events. Other ways of giving without running events are also available. Please see the Corporate Partnership Program document at the bottom for more information about the program and about our charity, and you may request to see the Event Guide document for more information on how to run the events. 

Why Trek for Teens?

The Trek for Teens Foundation makes an excellent choice for your charitable giving and community engagement because of our unique position to fundraise on behalf of our partner shelters. Often, shelters do not have the time or resources to run fundraising events, which is why we fundraise for them. Our team of over 100 youth volunteers have the time and resources to run significantly more fundraising and awareness events than shelters.

By supporting our charity, you are also supporting youth development and leadership abilities amongst our youth volunteers. This helps to foster a more engaged community centred around giving back.

We have a trusted history with organizations like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Virgin Radio who have sponsored or donated to us in the past.

Getting involved


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