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Why Join our Team?

With a presence across Canada, we are all here to help youth experiencing homelessness receive the support and services needed to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. We are constantly learning, growing, and using our talents to help our communities in the way they need most. Volunteering with us will help you develop skills and gain a broader understanding of the world. We are always looking for hard-working, determined, and passionate individuals to join our team. Please note that applicants may apply to more than one position, but each position requires a separate application.

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"I love that while making a difference, each individual's voice, skills, and creative freedom are respected and fostered on this team."

Catherine Qi

Director of Charity Engagement

"I really enjoy the collaborative mindset of everyone, and how each person is using their own unique set of strengths and skills to help this amazing cause."

Wen Bo

VP Operations 


We have special positions for high school students to act as representatives in their schools, youth groups, boards and other youth organizations. They are provided with information, resources, and training to help run campaigns, activities, and bring together participants and volunteers for events.

Interested in volunteering with us at an event?

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