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2014-2015 Welcome!

Trek for Teens has started work for the 2014-2015 academic year! We have hired new members and directors and would like to welcome all of the individuals who have recently joined our team:

  • David Carcasole is our new Director of Concerts. He is a first year student at the University of Toronto, currently deciding between English and History or English and Drama. He has been a part of Trek for Teens as a participant in the race and Carol to Care. Being a part of charity events has always been something that he has enjoyed doing, in high school, participating in events such as a 30 Hour Famine, Me to We club, and creating a project with friends to get young children interested in literature and reading. David loves comic books, video games, movies, television shows, and any kind of media. His favourite genres include super heroes, science fiction, and horror. This had led to all of his shoes being specialized, either in Star Wars style, Beatles, Joker, Batman, or Justice League.

  • Matthew Fontanilla has been named the Director of the Dance Competition. Matthew has committed volunteering within the GTA community for many years. He has helped out at schools, hospitals, and community events. His involvement with Trek for Teens allows him to continue giving back to the community by assisting homeless youth. Matthew says, "A street is not a place for youth. By raising awareness together, we build a strong relationship and a stronger future for our city." Matthew loves to go for a run early in the morning, training hard every day to hone his skills like one of his favourite show characters from Avatar: The Next Airbender.

  • Michelle Williams-Watson comes on as the new Director of the Conference.

  • Julie Mai is the new Graphic Designer. Julie attends at Sheridan College in a Bachelor of Photography. She has previously been a Trek for Teens Student Leader at her high school and traveled to the Dominican Republic with a team of students to dispense and personally build a home for a family through H.O.P.E. Julie has joined to provide a visual form of communication for others using her own skills while also helping out the GTA region to educate others about teen homelessness and to tackle the issue itself. Beyond graphic design and photography, Julie knits, takes care of succulents, and is in love with French Bulldogs.

  • Allison Zheng has been named Co-Director of the Fashion Show (External).

  • Jennifer Johnson has been named Co-Director of the Fashion Show (Internal).

  • Simeon Charles Jr is the new Band Recruiter. He attends Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School and was the Student Leader Coordinator last year. Simeon wants to help with the issue of youth homelessness and not be a bystander. He started a company that provides DJ's and, in his spare time, plays rugby and football. Simeon also does co-op with the TCDSB Student Leadership Department.

If you'd like to get involved but either missed the application deadline or are looking for a smaller role, we have opportunities for you! Just head to our Get Involved page.


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