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2015 Fashion Show & Gala

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Often considered the hub of the University of Toronto St. George Campus, Hart House was alive again on June 26, 2015 as it hosted a number of events and gatherings. One such outing was the Trek for Teens Fashion Show & Gala, a style-conscious endeavour that boasted some of the most cutting-edge and upcoming models, designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists from across the GTA. Audience members punctually arrived – some gaining entry at the stroke of 7:30 – and dutifully took their selected seats by the runway. It wasn’t long before the stage began to show some life; the show opened with some remarks from the event’s MC Chantal Brasil and Trek for Teens Foundation President Michael Bazzocchi. With that preliminary greetings completed, the festivities commenced. Designers Haakem Bajwa and Parham Chinikar of Cabaret Vesture saw their looks showcased by an assortment of models, each one striking a professional pose and wearing their new articles with poise. The music that accompanied the models’ steps and provided a background atmosphere for the entire evening was created DJ Intrinity. After the first set of designers, musician Sandy Madu entertained the crowd with her musical talents and her singsong voice. The second set of models made their preparations as they donned the garbs of the next designers.

After the final note had been sung by Sandy Madu, designers Heba Fakhir, Nabiha Noorani, and Alex Wen witnessed their clothing come alive. The designated models strutted down the walkway with an array of splendid expressions and appearances. A second performer then took to the stage; Trek for Teens Director of Media & Advertising and spoken word artist, Alex Wichert, performed a piece on poverty followed by a poem on homeless youth.

The third batch of designers, consisting of Victoria Cellucci, Nicole Dice, and Sophie Pigon, were the next group of fashionistas to have their works on display. Their models captivated the audience and ensured that the receptions garnered from each outfit were just as genuine as they had been at the beginning of the show.

A quick break then ensued, in which the spectators were encouraged to participate in the Silent Auction and Raffle. After the pause, the winners of both contests were announced, Chantal Brasil and Michael Bazzocchi returned to the stage, and those who had put together the show were heartily thanked. The evening came to a close as the Trek for Teens Foundation raised almost $800 for homeless youth shelters Covenant House Toronto, Horizons for Youth, and Youth Without Shelter.

Trek for Teens would like to thank all of the volunteers, audience members, participants, and supporters who made the event a possibility. In specific, the organization would like to acknowledge:


  • Haakem Bajwa & Parham Chinikar

  • Victoria Cellucci

  • Nicole Dice

  • Heba Fakhir

  • Nabiha Noorani

  • Sophie Pigon

  • Alex Wen


  • Ashley Aben

  • Selina Boatto

  • Jacqueline Cadete

  • Marissa Cadete

  • Alessandra Cellucci

  • Sabrina Cellucci

  • Jennifer Chin

  • Ayonna Clarke

  • Danielle Denisko

  • Nicole Dice

  • Sarah Dilenga

  • Jannai Goddard

  • Victoria Greco

  • Rachel Hart

  • Kierans Jordan

  • Amy Li

  • Amber Lim

  • Michael Manning

  • John McGroarty

  • Melissa Nugara

  • Sophie Pigon

  • Rebecca Rodley

  • Caleigh Toews

  • Judy Zhong

Makeup Artists & Hairstylists:

  • Hafsa Anwar

  • Jacqueline Cadete

  • Alessandra Cellucci

  • Jennifer Chin

  • Victoria Greco

  • Alexandra Holgate

  • Nabiha Noorani

  • Ana Salvagna

  • Elena Solomon

  • Madeline Warner

  • Nikki Zaki


  • DJ Intrinity - Facebook and Soundcloud

  • Sandy Madu

  • Alex Wichert


  • Nick Alberelli

  • David Carcasole

  • Neil Hansen

  • Ida Jokinen

  • David Mauti

  • Alex Wichert

In addition, the Trek for Teens Foundation would like to express its sincerest thanks to the many sponsors, donors, and individuals who made this Fashion Show & Gala a success:

  • Winners

  • Light & Paper

  • Fabricland

  • Starbucks Canada

  • Catherine Bredin

  • Sophie Pigon

  • Flavia & Milvia Bazzocchi

  • Metro

  • St. Michael's College Student Union

  • University of Toronto

  • Entripy Custom Clothing

  • The Phuse

  • Hart House

And a special thanks to Show Stylist/MC Chantal Brasil, Wardrobe Manager Madeline Dawson, Sponsorship Manager Catherine Bredin, Designer Advisor Victoria Cellucci, and Promotions Manager Alex Wichert.

Stay tuned for photos and videos!


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