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A Word on Who We Support

With our Race in full swing today, we thought it would be a great idea to share a few words on what exactly Trek means when we say that all we do goes towards helping to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth. All the proceeds we raise through all of our different events and initiatives go directly towards these three charities.

Covenant House is an international organization that provides shelter, food, immediate crisis care and many other services aimed towards helping the homeless. They also offer support to homeless youth who are seeking help in finding and keeping a job, as well as those who intend on going back to school by offering on-site learning centre which offers credits in compulsory subjects.

Horizons For Youth is a youth shelter located in York region, which primarily offers housing to homeless youth. As well, they are dedicated to supporting them in their goals to find and maintain a job.

Youth Without Shelter is Etobicoke's only only emergency residence and employment referral agency designated towards homeless youth. Open 24/7, they do their utmost best when it comes to helping youth get off the streets.


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