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On Saturday, April 6, Trek for Teens held a concert at Hart House where several bands came together out of a love for music, and for a chance to raise awareness and funds towards helping the homeless youth of Toronto. Below you can find a short profile of some of the bands that performed.


From the beginning of their sound check these guys were tight, electrifying, and extremely entertaining. They love to play, and you can tell just by seeing how nobody could peal their eyes off them. As the lead singer makes your ears bleed (In the best way possible) with his raw vocals, these guys should be on everyone's watch list.

Check out their facebook page here:


Amazing chemistry, hard to categorize in one genre, and a lead singer with the voice of a 27 year old rock-star from the late 70's. These guys brought down the house with their unique, smoky bar, style. Brilliant.

Check out their facebook page here:


Band of Time started us off with an intimate, melancholy set. The band consists of two members and although quiet, the covers of City and Colour consumed the crowd.


High Voltage burnt the stage down next with their amazing musicianship, from the multiple guitar solos, to their raw, no bull-s*** lyrics. If Blink 182, Twisted Sister, and Led Zeppelin ever had a local Toronto love child it would be High Voltage. If you haven't seen these guys live you haven't seen local rock music at it's finest.

If you happen to be in a band, or know someone who is that would want to be a part of Trek's next concert, please feel free to get in touch with Alex Zappone or Josh Connors. ( and


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