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Food Mission

Trek for Teens is supporting a new project called the Food Mission!


Thank you all for coming out to our Meet and Greet this past week! We had a great response from the University of Toronto community, and we are excited to move forward with our food drives within the upcoming month. We will continue to have volunteer recruitments events throughout this month so please keep an eye out on our Instagram @foodmissionto as well as Trek for Teens Facebook page! We got to a meet many eager and amazing students and look forward to working with them all.


The Food Mission is the brainchild of three University of Toronto students who saw the immense food wastage within institutions in Downtown and the potential these items have to provide for those in need. We approached Trek for Teens, a renowned and accredited charity that raises awareness for homeless youth in local communities like Toronto. We are now carrying out weekly food redistribution drives in affiliation businesses that will supply perishables and non-perishables to youth shelters amongst the downtown core. Our aim is to reduce food waste within the city, promote sustainability, and create an understanding of youth homelessness. Deconstructing stigmas and myths surrounding the factors leading to homelessness is a conversation we would like initiate. We hope this project will facilitate a platform for students to give back and connect with the community.


Outreach Director

Hi, I'm Tanya Iyer. I'm the Outreach Director at Food Mission. I'm in my third year, completing a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Science. Food waste has always been a personal cause for me, growing up within a community/country that lives at extremes. Toronto has given me the opportunity to engage with my community in a way that's allowed this project to come to life and I'm excited to see what it brings forth!

Head of Volunteer Coordination and External Affairs

Hi guys! My name is Sonam Vashisth, I'm a third year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in environmental studies and political science. I'm the Head of Volunteer Coordination and External Affairs for The Food Mission! Working for the community and being a part of a bigger dialogue has always been one of my main goals and passions. Food wastage is a big issue that is often overlooked, so being apart of this organisation is a great way to raise awareness!

Head of Social Media and Marketing

Hey everyone! I am Amaial Mullick the Head of Social Media and Marketing for the Food Mission. Currently studying Political Science at the University of Toronto. Volunteering within the community has always constituted a big part of my life whether back home in Pakistan or here in Toronto. I feel privileged to have this opportunity and look forward to working with great people!


If you would like to volunteer or have any inquiries contact us at


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