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Stock Up Youth Shelters

Launched on April 16th, Stock Up Youth Shelters is an organization-wide donation drive that aims to provide shelters the necessary supplies that they need to support homeless youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Canada, 40,000 youth are on the streets every year, and this pandemic is only making things worse, taking a toll on their health and well-being. Shelters are struggling to provide food to these youth, or to secure enough resources to run the programs needed to provide the necessary help for these youth. They need our help.

This drive allows you to make a difference in your community and help those most vulnerable stay safe during these unprecedented times. By choosing to donate, you can choose which region your contributions will go towards, directly helping the shelters in your area. If we don't have a team in your region, you can find information on how to support shelters in your specific area down below. Together we stand for those in our community who need it most. Help make a difference today for homeless youth in your community so that we can all stay safe


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