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Student Leader Among Us Games Night

On December 18th, one of our student leaders, Max, hosted a virtual event where participants played the population game, Among Us. All participants were students from various schools across the Peel region. Although there were only 15 people playing, some chose to donate a couple of extra dollars to us! The game itself was very successful, as all players were having fun and were very engaged throughout.

The player that had the highest score at the end of the night was awarded a small sum of prize money. The event simultaneously served as a good means for educating students about Trek for Teens and about the issue of youth homelessness. It was done on a small scale and is our first-ever student leader fundraiser event this year!

Due to the unideal circumstances of this year, the student leaders had to get extra creative and innovative in planning their online events while also facing the additional barriers and complications that come with this.

Thanks to Max for hosting this event and to all those who participated!


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