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Trek for Teens Day 2018

On May 19, Trek for Teens hosted its annual Trek for Teens Day event in support of homeless youth! This year, Trek for Teens Day was held at St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto and checkpoint challenges were located in nearby areas. Over sixty youth attended to either compete in the "Amazing Race"-styled race or help run the race's activities. Throughout the day, participants and volunteers alike learned more about the issue of youth homelessness and how they could help make a difference.

Although racers spent much of their morning and afternoon running to checkpoints, they returned to Father Madden Hall to play giant board games and eat pizza provided by Panago Pizza. The day also offered Bootcamps for Change, a core and lower body strengthening cardio workout, which was open to all. Trek for Teens member and instructor Katie Heggtveit led participants through the bootcamp with all proceeds going to shelters in local communities. Later, the Trek for Teens Day Race winners were announced and congratulated. The day offered many challenges, games, and moments of success for its teams. Just as importantly, however, each participant left Trek for Teens Day with greater knowledge of youth homelessness and how they could make a difference in their local communities. Trek for Teens would like to thank all sponsors for making the event possible:

  • St. Michael's College Student Union

  • Panago Pizza

  • Cineplex

  • Starbucks

  • Tim Hortons

  • Metro

  • Price Chopper

Thank you, also, to all participants and volunteers who contributed to the event. Stay tuned for photos from the day!


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