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Ways to Give Back During COVID

If you’re interested in ways you can give back during COVID-19, we have a few suggestions!


donate any unopened food or personal hygiene products to a local shelter or food bank. Bonus tip: you can also contact the agency to find out what items they are in need of and what protocols they have to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.


You can purchase a toque to be donated to a youth shelter. The colder weather is here, and hats and mittens are often among items that agencies are requesting.


Volunteer your time! From volunteering at a local agency to spending time educating yourself on topics, such as youth homelessness, there are many ways you can use your time to help give back while also adhering to COVID-19 guidelines!


Donating your unused gift cards to the local agencies within your community is another way you can give back! Gift cards can be given to residents and service users to help them buy food and other necessities for themselves. Another benefit is that they can also go towards purchasing supplies and materials that can be used to support the agencies continue to offer their programs.


Donate any new or unused clothing to the agencies within your community. Especially in these colder months, there is a higher need for clothing to help keep people warm. Shelters are often in demand of unopened and unused packages of underwear since they are often one of the least donated items, but needed throughout all demographics. Although socks are items that are donated more, shelters generally go through those quickly and often need more. Reach out to agencies within your community to find out what they are in need of!


Make a donation to Trek for Teens. All donations go to youth experiencing homelessness. Donate here:


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