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We're Expanding to Hamilton!

Trek for Teens Hamilton works to support homeless youth through events, rallies and conferences designed to raise awareness and funds for homeless youth in Hamilton. We encourage students and families in the Hamilton region to support their community by participating in our events and donating to Trek for Teens.


Trek for Teens Hamilton is the charity's newest region, and was made by a group of students with the help of the Trek for Teens charity to address the issue of youth homelessness in the area. We hope to make a difference in the Hamilton community and teach others about the significance of this issue. Trek for Teens Hamilton is always looking for passionate individuals to share their unique talents and abilities and volunteer at future events.


We encourage you to reach out to members of our team if you wish to volunteer or support Trek for Teens Hamilton. Let us know what events you would like to us to run, how to get involved with Trek for Teens at your local school, or if you have any questions about the donation process!


  • At least 750 street-involved and homeless youth in 2017

  • 52% of homeless youth have histories of child welfare involvement

  • 22% of children in Dundas in lone parent families live in poverty

  • 1 out of 22 homeless youth has a child

  • 41% have mental health issues

  • 17% have/are involved in the criminal justice system


Director: Shamir Malik

Assistant Director: Kevin Zhao

Event Coordinator: Ayush Suri

Events Coordinator: Calum Slapnicar

Outreach Coordinator: Devon Malhotra

Sponsorship Coordinator: Michael Shi

Sponsorship and Event Coordinator: Arian Karimi

Sponsorship and Event Coordinator: Julia Ma


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